Covid-19 Update (July 11, 2021)

Posted by Thrive Wealth Management on 7/13/21 2:54 PM


As of July 11, 2021 the province of Saskatchewan has begun lifting Covid-19 restrictions. After more than a year, these changes are likely to be met with a range of emotions and we wanted to provide you with an update of where we are at today.

Here is what you will find when visiting us in-person at one of our locations:

    • Masks are no longer required in our locations (unless physical distancing is unable to be maintained).
    • If you feel more comfortable wearing a mask, that’s fine too!
    • Our floor decals, plexiglass dividers, and hand sanitizing stations will remain in all branch locations.
    • Virtual appointments continue to remain an option for our clients.

You can drop into one of our branches during regular business hours, or book an appointment at:

As always, our team is ready and available to help improve your financial security through financial planning, investment planning, wealth protection and estate & legacy planning. 

Connect with any one of our advisors today by searching a location near you on our website:

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