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who is thrive? 

Thrive is a local, credit union-owned wealth management company. We exist to help our clients wealth grow! Thrive is your Wealth Management firm. 

Thrive was formed in 2016 by Conexus and Cornerstone Credit Union with the goal to bring a greater emphasis and presence to CU Wealth and provide expertise and focus around Wealth Planning for all members. 


When the business was formed, it operated as Wealth CUSO Saskatchewan, which in and of itself was of no    value as a name to be marketed in any way.  As we pursued our options, we strongly considered operating under the separate Credit Union brands as Conexus Wealth Management or Cornerstone Wealth Management but this created other challenges. The most significant of which related to scalability. Our mandate at Thrive is to bring additional Credit Unions into the mix, and as we thought about the complexity of marketing under a  separate brand in each case, it became clear that this would be unworkable if we  successfully added multiple partners. Finally, we also examined the challenge that Wealth has in the Credit Union space in general from a recognition perspective.  We had fewer than 10% of our members with any Wealth relationship with us when we started, so recognition of Wealth or Credential was not high to begin with.  This led us to wondering if this represented an opportunity to do something exciting…and hence Thrive Wealth Management! 


Professionalism – we use skill and good judgement to build trusting relationships
Accountability –
we inspire and promote an environment of accountability
Integrity –
we conduct ourselves with integrity in everything we do
Respect –
we have respect for every individual


Key tools

Thrive Wealth Management Brochure & Thrive Wealth Strategies Brochure

Here is a digital version of our brochure that outlines how we can help your members 

Planning Calculators 

Our planning calculators can help in financial planning conversations whit you members. They can help you with budgeting, retirement planning, tax and estate planning, etc. 

Wealth Management Reference Guide 

Here you will find information on the different potions within Thrive and what they specialize in. This can help you in making qualified referrals. 

Thrive Role Profiles

Here we go into greater details on the roles at Thrive and their areas of expertise

Tools & Resources

Here is the link to the Hub page that houses all of our CU Tools & Resources, this is updated regularly. 

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